Hema HN-7 GPS unit

About a year ago we decided we needed a good, high-quality GPS for our frequent trips around the state for the magazine.

We needed a GPS that was easy to use, fast, clear and most importantly accurate. We do a lot of dirt roads and we don’t want to end up in trouble because a cheap GPS told us to ‘turn left’.

After reviewing several units we opted for the Hema HN-7. This unit sports a big 7” screen and gave us perfect navigation, and handled our weird route changes with ease.

Even better, it came pre-loaded with Hema’s topographic maps and special off-road map viewing software with a host of snazzy features.

This one Hema HN-7 unit now provides us with accurate navigation anywhere in Australia, from the city streets to the depths of the deserts to the high country.

If that wasn’t enough, it also came loaded with ‘Camps 8’ showing over 6000 camp listings. It has photos of most listings and you can see at a glance the facilities each camp site offers.

I did have one issue tho, it seems my in-car USB port was playing up and not giving enough power for the unit. I sent the unit back to Hema for a checkup, and for a low fee they upgraded all the maps, replaced the battery, and gave it a thorough check up. They called me to discuss how I was using it, and upon hearing I’d lost the original USB charger they supply they sent me another free of charge. Since using it I’ve had not one single problem.

If you need a high-quality, accurate GPS that’ll get you to and from anywhere in Australia you simple cannot go past the Hema HN-7.

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