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Editorial direction

Our editorial focus is on the back roads of Australia, the rural and regional areas and towns; the events, people, places that make this country great.

Write for us

In the first instance please email an outline of 50-100 words about the piece, its thrust, photos and the section of the magazine it would suit to

The average length of time it takes for a contribution to be published, from the time of receipt, is four weeks for online magazine, up to six months for paper magazine.

Mostly we will assign/commission material, although at times we will ask for words/pics to be sent on the basis of payment on usage – especially for new/unproven writers.

We will not publish material in the same style and format as has appeared in another publication, and never within six months of appearing elsewhere. Similarly, we require a six-month window before a story or photo in Australian Country Life Magazine may be published elsewhere. You must inform us if your article is in consideration for another publication.

Verify your facts

We check the details, and sometimes contact sources, for all of our stories. We ask that writers check everything and provide references to information quoted as fact.Occasionally we find that a reporter has relied on memory or on details in another media source that are unreliable. We will sometimes ask for interview notes or audio to confirm a nuance, especially in sensitive stories.


Photos should be sent as digital RAW files or unedited JPEGs in the highest size (pixels) possible. Clearly identified captions are essential for all photos. We prefer to use Dropbox to receive photo files (we’ll give you sending info) as email is not ideal for large files.


We pay for your text and photos to be published online and/or in our hardcopy magazine. Payment is made for acceptable editorial material after the publication has been completed and published to the website or sent to the printers.

If an item is assigned and the material submitted is considered unsuitable, it is the responsibility of the contributor to make amendments before it can be published and payment made. All contributors are considered individual contractors and are not employees or agents of Australian Country Life Magazine. We do not issue media accreditation passes to contributors, but we will verify you are working for us if you need support to gain accreditation for an event.


Backroads Magazine retains limited commercial copyright of text, layout and composition of articles as published in the magazine, digital platforms and associated titles. Moral Copyright of material always remains with the writer or photographer. Backroads Magazine reserves the right to use published photos to promote the magazine on Backroads Magazine websites, through social media, on posters and other point-of-sale material, in advertisements and any other context that enhances circulation.

Unless otherwise agreed, photos that are re-published in a subsequent issue attract a rate of half the usual rate of payment.

When Backroads Magazine agrees to publish text or photos from a contributor, it does so on the explicit understanding that text and photos gathered for Backroads Magazine’s use cannot be published elsewhere in Australia for at least six months from the date of first publication in Backroads Magazine or associated titles.

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