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All things farming, from tractors to crops, animals to techniques and new inovations.

An Australian Farmer’s Story A story of an Australian cattle farmers life that will give you a brief insight into what its like to live on a farm in Australia and some of the pros/cons of it. Cinematography/Editing by Jonno Kelly Filmed with a Panasonic GH4 in 4K accompanied with a DJI Ronin M stabiliser and a …

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Farming in Australia – a backpacker video

Waging war on Australia’s nastiest parasite: scientists map blowfly genome

Researchers have decoded the Australian sheep blowfly genome, adding ammunition to the battle against one of the nation’s most insidious pests. Around 2000 genes not seen before in any other organism were discovered. These genes can now be investigated as potential drug and vaccine targets. This blowfly is responsible for about $280 million in losses …

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Cotton on the Hay plains (NSW)

A great little video of the 2015 Cotton season at “Langs Crossing”, Hay NSW.

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